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Hiring the wrong guy to deliver a Thassos marble job

Posted on October 3, 2021 at 5:05 PM

Back in 2017, I got a call from a potential client, enquiring a price for some marble installation at his appartment in London. Went over there to assess the marble job and talk to the customer, as I always do. It turned out, it was a DIY family project. As they ended up buying ''marble'', they decided to call in a natural stone professional to have it installed. Fair enough!  It turned out, he was in posession of some expensive marble imported from Greece, Thassos Marble'' pure white. I was totally shocked, as I never seen a pure white marble before. Didn't even know it exists.  As we started talking, he mentioned, actually he was looking for three prices, as he did not know anything about the stone industry, he wanted to compare prices. He was talking mitering, I was talking bullnose fabrication. Never miter natural stone tile, I always bullnose fabricate it for a more luxurious style. However, later one he received a written quotation from me. Two weeks down the road, he called back, telling me he received the other two quotations and he is ready to hire. One price was real low, too good to be true, and the other one was in between kind of price. Questionable from a natural stone standpoint. Based on his assessments, my business ''Tile Marble Granite'' was the most experienced in the natural stone installations, yet he was not prepared to pay the price and asked me if I could match the other tiler's price, the in between price. Told him, to just email me the written quotation and let me assess it and see what could be done, but doubt it. He then tells, actually there was no written quotations, one of them quoted over the phone and the other one via text message. None of them bothered to show up at his place to lay eyes on that Thassos pure white marble tile. I reasured him that someone that prices a natural stone job half way down, over the phone,  will not deliver his promises, and that guy will deliver the marble job just half way through, be careful you will get burn. He was promised an up to the sky, high end professional marble job. In that case, I told him, he should go for it, as it is the best price in London town. He ended up hiring the guy. Two months down the road, I received a call from him, asking me if I can go there to his premises to fabricate the marble for him as the chosen tiler could not fabricate anything let alone marble, never done any bullnosing and does not have the right equipment to delived such job. Actually, the hired tiler didn't even know that bullnose fabrication exists. I was shocked, he called to tell me all that after I forewarned him about hiring someone that didn't even botther to visit the premises and quotes over the phone.

This guy was in possesion of one of the most expensive marble in the world, special order from Greece, Thassos marble. Hires someone that didn't even bother to show up at his place to lay eyes on that beautiful marble. Is forewarned about hiring the wrong guy, yet he knowingly hires him based on an over the phone/text quotation, false promises and cheaper rate. This guy hired the wrong guy to deliver one of the most expensive marble in the world job. My answer was ''You hired the wrong guy''

People often hire the the wrong guy for a better price, thinking that they will get more for less. It is not the case, at the end of the day, you always get what you pay for, nothing extra. Beware of cheap labor! 


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