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Bad tiling jobs posted online

Posted on October 3, 2021 at 6:10 PM

-Here are some examples of bad tiling jobs posted online. Some of these jobs do not make it to 6 months, it is quite shocking!

Another good example of hiring the wrong guy for the job. These mistakes could have been avoided from the start. 

Shower leaking into room below

Bathroom fitter Bathroom Repair

1 hour ago Oct/4/2021

Ref. 9781328


''Find source of the leak, fix and make good''.


Hampstead, NW3 (6.3 miles away)

Under £500

Ready to hire / Within 2 days

Owner of property

Actually, it is a wetroom not a shower. In order to assess the water leaks, that wetroom would have to be dismantled, not a quick fix. Good luck!

Tiles in kitchen floor are loosen

Tiler | Floor Tiling

Ref. 9756278


My leaving room and kitchen is open plan and the floor are

with porcelain tiles. The tiles are loosen and ''groats'' are cracks

all the time. some tiles make sound when walked on.''

Dear home owner, loose tiles are not an not an easy fix. Doubt it. Good luck!

-Another job that was circulation online some days ago:

This job was posted on the internet days ago. No one wanted to touch the job, including myself.

Tiler | Floor Tiling

Posted 5 days ago Ref. 9736393 

''Hi there, my builder has refurbished the bathroom, but I am not happy with the finish in the shower cabin. Can you please re- do the tiles in there, grout, seal, and install one ceiling post? I need the job started Monday 20 September please.'' 

Homerton, E9 (8.6 miles away)

Ready to hire / Within 2 weeks Owner of property

Sound like a new built wetroom gone wrong. It happens all the time. Little does he/she knows, it will cost the big bucks to repair what the previous builder messed up. Avoid these mistakes by not hiring these guys. Do not give them the slitest chance to prove themselves. These jobs require skills. There is no time to learn on the job. Beware on cheap abor. When the price is too good to be true, think twice, there is always a catch. You cannot get more for less. Pictures posted look horrible.


-This is another tile job that I actually went on to see it in person. It was leaking down below from day one. Clearly cheap labor!

It was a million + property owned by a Cricket player.

Repair, tiling, leak

Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair

05/10/2020 REF #8877992


Hertford, SG13 (8.6 miles away)

Open in map

Ready to hire / Urgently


Bathroom had tiled seat installed which was done poorly and leaked from day 1, regulator seems to be leaking also, need tiling repaired too, I have matching spare tiles. Need someone competent

When I told the owner that the wetroom is blown and it was a bad installation, didn't even get to mentioned a figure, the owner got nervous. Did not want to pay attitude. Once I left, I received a text message not to bother quoting the job. No worries, not interested as I sensed he was not a good payer. Dear house owner, to fix a water damaged wetroom will take time, and time is money. Anyways, even Cricket players get screwed, sure the heck he did. Cheap labor gets your wetroom leaking from day one. Good luck! 

-Here is another one that I actually repaired as they customer lived in the same neighborhood


Kitchen tiling

Tiler | Floor Tiling


Potters Bar, EN6 (3.8 miles away)

Open in map

Ready to hire / Within 2 weeks


''Replace loose tiles only fitted 6 months''

-Here is another one that I actually fixed for the customer


Bathroom Shower Tray Re-fit and Tiling

Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Tiling


''Had new Shower Tray installed and tiles at the tray level. Poor quality tiling and grouting.


Need it taken out and re-fitted. The prior job is dripping through the ceiling to the downstairs.


No drama, prior guy provided a refund, his tiler just let him down.''

-Here is another job that I actually took on

Customer posted the job online


''New floor tiles fitted 5 months ago and a few of them makes a noise when stepped on. Possible not enough grout and sounds hollow''.

-Here is another one job that I actually took on

grout and retiling

Tiler | Floor Tiling


22/02/2013 REF #1804996


''looking for someone to help with a simple grouting/retiling in my kitchen. It has been recently done as part of the kitchen refurbish but needs to be redone properly. only a few tiles need to be replaced.''

-This is a job posted way back, remember wanting to see the job before sending out a quotation. The home owner would not want me to visit the property demainding a price over the phone. Good luck with that!

Tiler | Floor Tiling

West Hendon, NW9 (6.4 miles away)

/ Next 2 weeks


100 square m of porcelain tiles. I must mention that I've just recently tiled the whole area of floor with quartz tiles and all came loose therefore I need to either see whether its possible to relay the same quartz tiles or replace them alltogether.

Please note that if you are not a highly experienced tiler, do not bother, as I'm not interested...


This post was posted online , where the builder did all the work himself, more like a family business,''project''

now the entire wetroom leaks, but he cannot comprehend why it leaks, where to look at, and how to identify the water leakage. Asking the forum for help.This is the title '' Incredibly Perplexing Shower Tile Problem '' 

Greetings All, appreciate the expertise existing in this forum.


I am a home remodeler, not a professional, but have done 4 homes completely down to the studs, including many many square feet of tiling floors, wall, ceiling, bathroom.


I have a very difficult problem to diagnose. I have a leaking shower pan/wall (not sure), that essentially is filling up the shower liner "bowl" and overflowing over the top of it, inside the wall cavity. My question is, if the shower was built correctly, would it be normal for water to make it to the pan liner at all?

I have access to the walls on three sides of this shower, so have been able to open them up as part of the diagnosis of this leak. I can see the back side of the plastic sheeting, and near the bottom of the walls, can see the shower liner going down to the floor.


Now, if you point the shower head at floor only, you get no filling of liner bowl, no leakage


If you point the shower head at the seat, within 60 seconds there is filling of the liner bowl (you can feel it like a balloon on back side of wall), and eventually it fills up to top and overflows.


On the shower tile site, I've used a magnify glass and hi power light to look for ANY crack in the grout. Nothing. I've even silicone caulked all corners.



Could anyone make a guess how water is getting into the shower liner so fast?


This guy did other 4 homes prior to this one, the shower was improvized to a wetroom, using improper techniques and materials, thinking that everything he was doing was right and the shower will never leak. Now he cannot find the answer to the water leakage that he created. Asking the world to come on board to give him some advice. 

Don't get me wrong, no one is laughing at this guy. On the contrary , I feel the pain he's going through. I would love to help in a way or another, but I am not there. In order to assess a water damaged property, you have to see it in person. 

Wat I want to point out, building up a wetroom withouth any knowledge of the industry, it is not an easy task. Those jobs are most likely to fail.

How do I spot a bad wetroom job? It goes by the materials and techniques used to build up the wetroom. When I see builders doing their thing thinking that what they do is best, and start improvizing the wetroom, it s a no no win. Why converting a shower into a wetroom? When you can just buy the wetroom kit and proper install it. A properly installed wetroom will not leak. It is a common mistake within the building industry. I run into these jobs all the time. What those builders do not realize is, they leave nothing but water damage behind.

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