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Hiring the wrong guy to fix a water damaged property

Posted on October 4, 2021 at 3:10 AM

Some years ago, I contracted a water damaged bathroom. It was an old building, done by the Counsil. It turned out there was water leaks from the appartment upstairs. Everytime the neighbour would use the bathroom/shower, my client would get water leaks that eventually ruined the bathroom. It had to be redone from scratch. Now in order to guarantee the work, we ordered the client to deal with the owner upstairs, and put a stop to all that water leakage that was coming from the apartment above. Done deal, they agreed on urgently fixing the bathroom upstairs. Neighbour was in so rush to get the work done, couldn't wait and ended up hiring in rush, in other words, the wrong guy.So, both bathrums were done at the same time. In a 12 month period, my client got another huge water damage hole in the ceiling from the appartment upstairs. The builder keeps on coming back to play with silicone as it is just a silicone matter. Well, dear builder, house owner, silicone does not fix water damage, unless you stop using the bathroom/shower/bath. On the other hand, my client does not have any complaints from the neighbours below. That means, we properly fixed the client's water damage bathroom. 

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