Limestone wetroom refurbisment Limestone wetroom refurbisment Mortar bed shower tray Decided to pour down concrete onto the shower floor, properly pitched down towards the drain. Schluter Kerdi Drain was used for drainage 205831666 Limestone wetroom By far one of the most beautiful limestone jobs I ever done 205857004 Limestone job This job was originally a wetroom repair that turned into a bigger job. The entire bathroom was falling apart, so we had to remove the whole bathroom and start from scratch 205857005 Limestone job London These pictures made it to my first page website 205857006 Wetroom curb The curb was fabricated as well 205857007 Limestone niche Bullnosed large size niche 205857008 Limestone shower tray Wetroom tray proper sloped down towards the drain 205857009 Limestone tile This bathroom/wetroom was water damaged 205857010 Limestone bathroom All these jobs I am doing were once water damaged. As a matter of fact I got hired on this one job to actually repair some grout inside the wetroom 205857011 Natural stone wetroom Natural stone is one of my favorite tile to work with 205857012 Limestone small niche Niches are properly waterproofed prior to tile installation 205857013 Natural stone niche If the niches are not proper waterproofed they will leak in no time 205857014 Limestone slab The slab is an access panel to the cistern 205857015 Double niches Bullnose niches 205857016 Bullnosed slab It was plain cut with no shine, had to bullnose the edge for a better look 205857017 Limestone box Cistern box 205857018 Limestone tile wetroom tray A curb was created to keep the water in 205857019 Natural stone double niches At first I wanted to get rid of these two niches, then changed my mind and kept them 205857020 Wetroom tray The original wetroom did not have a wetroom tray installed, reason why in failed 205857021 Natural stone The entire bathroom was falling apart, so we ended up removing the whole bathroom and refurbish to a wetroom standard 205857022 Limestone slab The slab was bullnosed as it was raw edge and looked horrible 205857023 205857024 Natural stone tiling The Natural stone installation process is very unique, that's if you deliver a natural stone job. Meaning, narrow grout joints of 1/16'', not wider than that. Bullnose edge fabrication and windowsills, niches shower curbs etc... 205857025 Bullnose limestone Window sill is bullnosed 205857026 Limestone windowsill These window sills/niches are my own creation. Custom made fabricated on-site. Every job of mine has a custom made product. That is my signature 205857027 Dark brown border tile A dark brown border limestone runs all the way around the walls. It makes it look elegant 205857028 Raw edge limestone tile The tiles are natural stone with a raw edge 205857029 Cistern box Bullnosed box 205857030 205857031 205857032 205857033 205857034 Limestone threshold Floor very solid now and waterproofed 205857035 Limestone floor The floor was kept low as possible, just installed on the Dirta Matting membrane. The original floor was raised on the left hand side as the floor was not level. That alone caused a huge step on the left hand side on the threshold causing tripping over it while entering the bathroom 205857036 Luxurious limestone bathroom A proper natural stone job looks luxurious 205857037 Bullnose threshold No more step to trip over as the entire floor was kept very low 205857038 Threshold bullnosed Threshold had to be fabricated as well since the entire bathroom was bullnosed 205857039 Limestone floor The floor has 1/16'' narrow grout joints just as the walls 205857040 Limestone curb Wetroom curb was fabricated as well for a nice luxurious finish 205857041 205857299 205857042 205857043 Bullnosed curb Entire bathroom was bullnosed from curb to windowsill, niches, cistern box to threshold 205857044 Shower curb The curb was bullnosed as well 205857045 Limestone wet room tray Pitched down towards the drain, good drainage 205857046 Second fix Bathroom all done 205869052 Shower door Screen installed 205869053 Shower head Shower head installed 205869054 205869055 Threshold The threshold was fabricated for a better look and transition to the hallway 205869056 205869057 Double niches You can see these niches 205869058 Sliding shower screen installed Left hand side corner picture 205869059 Inside wetroom I take pictures every angle possible 205869060 Limestone niche Niche inside the shower 205869061 Sliding door Shower screen sliding door installed 205869062 Waterproof membrane Schluter Kerdi Coll 205873452 Wet room shower tray waterproofed AquaSeal used to reinforce the seams, just for extra precaution 205873453