Million house botched up by cowboy builders Million house botched up by cowboy builders Limestone job Never wanted to post this album on my website, nor do I want to brag about my restoration skills, not at all, but after years of silence I decided to show the world another natural stone job done by rogue builders. This is just another exemple of hiring the wrong guys to do the job. These pictures will leave you speechless. See pictures attached 206527257 Limestone bathoom Million pounds property, it was suppossed to be a high end project, but something went wrong. To let Stone Contractor tell it ''the house owner was way too picky''. 206527258 Limestone job went wrong That's the result of hiring unprofessional contractors. Customers often hire cowboy builders for a better price, but this was not the case. They hired a reputable construction company that charged the client big money. The tiling work was subcontracted to a granite worktop company. Big mistake, you never hire a granite worktop company to install your natural stone tiles, just because they work with granite slabs. That alone does not qualify them as professional natural stone tilers. They are not tilers after all. Big difference. See the results! 206527259 Limestone This house was resold in 2019 for 2,4 million 206527260 Limestone tiling The ruined job was fixed. Very time consumming. Not to mention, every tile had to be approved by the architect. A nightmare of a job 206527261 Limestone job in progress Every single tile had to be polished with 7 pads to get a nice polished edge 206527262 Botched up limestone The architects were desperate to get the job fixed to the customer's demands once and for all. Soon as I got on site, one of the architects took over the command. His first words were,''take a look around, carefully assess the job repair and tell us if you can fix what DVG Stone messed up. If you cannot, just leave the site, no hard feelings '' 206527263 DVG Stone, Kensington It turned out the bathroom was busted out twice as the house owner could not stand the craftsmanship these guys delivered, to a point where the DVG Stone gave up and suggested hiring someone else. So they hired me to fix their mess. What a shame DVG Stone! 206527264 Cowboy builders on the job How a stone company messes up a job like this one is beyond my knowledge. After 5 years I am sill in shock 206527265 Worst limestone job These mistakes could have been avoided. The customer clearly hired the wrong company to take over the long time project. This company subcontracts the tiling work to another LTD Worktop Stone contractor to install their limestone tiles. Now, this guys messed up the bathroom once, you have them bust it out and redo it again a second time, they messed up the second time and give them a third chance, oh really? Totally incomprehensible! 206527266 Botched limestone job fixed It took me about 5 days of hard work to fix this botched up limestone job. It was fixed without the need to take out not a single tile. Fixed to a high standard. The customer did not even noticed the mistake DVG Stone made. Everyone was so happy for saving the ruined limestone bathroom. All that to the point where they rehired me directly to fix another botched up job, next door bathroom, same house, done by the same DVG Stone contractor and their crew. Lucky me! 206527267 Limestone tiling The entire job was delivered to the customer's demands. I happened to make that picky customer happy. Everybody was very pleased with the outcome. 206527268 Limestone wall tiling The bathroom unit had to be tiled as well, applied a polyethylene membrane on top of the cabinet, glued it down with special elastic adhesive to make it last. Not to mention they were ready to tile on top of the unit without using the polyethylene membrane. 206527269 Limestone box Toilet cistern was boxed in, had to tile parts of the unfinished box. It was done to the architect's specification. Actually, the entire job was done to meet their high demands 206527270 Natural stone tiling job went terrible The customer has the option to hire whomever they choose, but in the end it is for the customer to find out whether they hired the right guy for the job or not. Usually these guys do not deliver their promises. Actions speak louder than words. 206527271 Sensitive natural stone Job was delivered after 5 days of hard work. Lucky Aldworth James & Bond which is the company overseeing the whole project and DVG Stone of Kensington which was hired to install the natural stone bahtroom tiles at the property, in other words the subcontractor. Unbelievable! 206527272