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Bad tiling jobs that I have encountered throughout the years, and been asked to fix them. Tiling jobs go wrong due to lack of expertise. Too many of them to post on this page!

This is just another example of hiring the wrong guy to deliver the job. Customers often hire them for a better price. Beware of cheap labor! When the price is too good to be true, you have to wonder yourself, why so cheap? These guys cannot deliver their promises, and you the customer will end up paying the big bucks trying to fix what the cowboy builder messed up. 

This is a 6 month old kitchen floor tile job that terribly gone wrong. Grout was cracked throughout the entire floor, every single tile was bouncing up and down while walking on them. Client very upset with the whole situation. Per customer's request, we injected the entire floor with these FixAFloor cartridges. We started off with 36 tubes. Little did he know that he will end up injecting 229 cartridges in this floor, just to make it right. These FixAFloor repair adhesive are not cheap to buy, it sells for $12.04 + delivery fees. A very expensive lesson to be learned here. The customer paid the ultimate price. When the previous builder was challenged, he put the blame on the tile being too large, the tile adhesive was not good enough etc... Entierly not his fault, to let him tell it. On the other hand, it is the customer's fault for hiring the builder for a cheaper price. 

All these mistakes could have been avoided from the beginning, by not hiring the guy. There are several ways to spot a cowboy builder from the crowd, customers just ingnore these warning, and often choose to hire the wrong guy for a cheaper rate. Beware of cheap labor. You always get what you pay for, nothing extra!

Enjoy the pictures and leave us a comment!

Bathroom wall, window, window-sill falling apart due to poor craftsmanship. Mixer was installed too deep into the wall. Cheap labor ''Spot Bonding'' installation.

Kitchen floor gone wrong. Entire floor was Spot Bonding installed on top of Newspaper. Yes, I have said Newspaper. That's what cheap labor gets you!

When the price is half way down, the quality of work is just half way up, you would need to hire someone else to finish the other half. These guys cannot deliver their promises. 

Once again, all these horrible nightmares could be avoided before you decide on whom to hire. The customer has the last word when hiring, but at the same time, it is for you the customer to find out whether you hired the right guy for the job or not. These mistakes will cost you big money, to fix what the previous builder damaged. Big lesson to be learned here.

Relatively new loft conversion falling apart due to being improperly done. Entire bathroom was done in a ''Spot Bonding'' fashion. No wonder it drastically failed. Pictures will leave you speachless.

Same house, wetroom downstairs. This wetroom was water damaged, unknown at the time being. The water was migrating underneath the kitchen floor, rotting the joists. When we opened up the kitchen floor, we followed the water supply that led us underneath the wetroom. That is how we traced the wetroom leakage. We ended up removing this bad tiling job and turned it into a real wetroom. 

Shockingly the tiles were installed on top of tiles. Same Spot Bonding technique.  

Another example of hiring the wrong guys to deliver a top notch million + property job. 

This is a limestone job that terribly gone wrong. It looks like they could not keep a 2mm grout joint straight. 

It turned out, the home owner hired a reputable construction company to oversee the project. The tiling work was subcontracted to the stone supplier, a worktop contractor company. 

The bathroom was demolished twice as the stone contractor could not deliver their promises. Pictures speak for themselves. Totally an embarrassement! 

This pictures will leave you speechless. The tiles were held in place with bandages, as they were falling off the wall, from water ingress.  Once again, the homeowner hired the wrong guy for a better price. Beware of cheap labor!