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High-end marble tile installation services throughout Brownstown, Michigan area, performed by long time experienced marble specialist. For a luxurious outcome, our marble installations are performed with 1/16'' narrow grout joints. To amplify the beauty of natural stone, we fabricate the marble edges instead of using PVC, aluminum or stainless steel trims, unless otherwise specified by customer. Every bathroom has a custom made bull-nose designed window-sill and a marble corner shower shelf, on-site fabricated.

We do not endorse Spot Bonding ''five spotting'' tile installation technique. Therefore, full adhesive coverage is a must on our marble tile installations.

Bullnose marble fabrication is our signature. 

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Natural stone installation tips - For a luxurious outcome, the marble installation is done with 1/16'' narrow grout joints.  The natural stone edge should be bullnosed fabricated. Every bathroom should have a custom made corner shelf, windowsill or even a niche etc.. That's the beauty of natural stone. In order to deliver a top notch natural stone job, the contractor needs to be highly skilled in natural stone installations, fabricate his own bullnose, keep the grout joints narrow of no wider than 1/16'', have a good eye for details and be creative. If the hired contractor of your choice, cannot deliver all of the above, you hired the wrong person for the job. It happens all the time.   

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q: Is it hard to install marble tile?

A: Natural stone in general requires experience on the job. So, I would say, it is harder to install marble than ceramics.

Q: How do you install marble tiles with narrow grout joints?

A: It is called expertise, lots of marble installations over two decades on the job.

Q: Do you seal the marble tile?

A: Marble tile needs to be sealed with a natural stone sealer. First coat before the grout, second coat 24h later. Maintenance once a year, thereafter.

Q: Do you polish the edge of the marble tile?

A: We bullnose fabricate the edge for a more luxurious outcome. Unless the client states otherwise. 

Q: The contractor installed our marble bathroom with wide grout joints. It looks horrible. How could we fix that?

A: Natural stone in general is installed with narrow grout joints (1/16''). Once the marble is installed there is nothing you can do to fix the grout joints, unless everything is removed and install new marble with the desired grout joint thickness.


1:26 PM November 10, 2018                                                                                                                                      *****
Very nice work and shows off how highly skilled you are ,well done

TTT Tiling
11:45 AM  November 10, 2018                                                                                                                                        *****
Blimey, that's incredible work!

1:00 PM November 10, 2018                                                                                                                                             *****
By the way that is some mighty impressive work, tops marks!!!
Out of curiosity, how long did that take you? What piece is on the end of your machine?

Roshan Patel

9:32 PM August 13, 2018                                                                                                                                                 *****
I was looking for someone that had a skill in cutting and fitting granite tiles, found ‘Tile Marble Granite’ that was able to cut a solid piece of granite worktop in half and also shape the edges without cracking and ruining the piece. This turned in to tables. Also had a wall tiled with granite tiles which was done to perfection. He was able to level the wall before applying waterproof backing and then tiling and finished with the grout. Perfect job which was finished by drilling holes to fit the cooker hood. This is the second job I have done using him and will continue to use him for jobs similar to this as his work is professional with no cutting corners. Thanks Tile Marble Granite!!

Clare Wilkie



11:52 AM May 05, 2018

Marble shelf restoration

I had a really bad tile job done by another builder who completely ruined my marble mosaic tiles. I called on Tile Marble Granite to try and make it look better. They replied so promptly and started work on them the very next day. They made a tile shelf look a lot better than it was by polishing and reshaping. Very reliable and really knowledgeable when it comes to natural stone. Many thanks!