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REF #9700129
Re-grouting of shower cubicle
Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Tiling
Harry Ganz                                                                                                                                                                      *****

Our shower cubicle needs re-grouting because the water is seeping through and dropping on floor below.

The homeowner said: 13:41 (08/10/2021)                                                                                                                            Brilliant job by a real professional. A total perfectionist. If you want a cheap “ it will do “ job, he is not for you unless you want perfection. He is also the tidiest workman i have had in my house!
  •                                                                                                                                                                              REPLY TO RATINGS

Kitchen tiling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *****
REF #9633830 | A MONTH AGO 12/07/21 20:21

Ram Awatar

Replace loose tiles only fitted 6 months                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The homeowner said: 12:33 (27/08/2021)
We purchased a house in London. It was refurbished about six months prior to the sell. Soon as we moved in, we noticed the kitchen floor tiles started to bounce up and down while walking on them. The grout was cracking and hollowness occured under the tile. Large format tile 800x800 imported from Italy, hard to come by. We then called on Tile Marble Granite to come over to have a look at what of might have happened to the floor. We then hired TMG to proper assess the cause and fix the problem. The kitchen floor area of 13 tiles were removed. It turned out the Ditra Subfloor was improper installed, reason why the entire floor failed. A new subfloor DuralBase Matting was installed onto the concrete floor. The surrounding area was then reinforced and then brand new tiles installed in place. Floor is very solid now. No more hollowness or cracking grout. It was fixed to high standards just as promissed. We are very pleased with the work. We would highly recommend Tile Marble Granite. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your help!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             REPLY TO RATINGS

Bathroom Shower Tray Re-fit and TilingBathroom fitter | Bathroom Tiling
REF: 9611696   |   A MONTH AGO 26/07/21 21:32

Steve Higgon

Had new Shower Tray installed and tiles at the tray level. Poor quality tiling and grouting.

Need it taken out and re-fitted. The prior job is dripping through the ceiling to the downstairs.

No drama, prior guy provided a refund, his tiler just let him down.

  • The homeowner said: 11:08 (26/08/2021)
    Absolute professional. Can’t recommend him highly enough. He knew what needed to be done, got on with the job, cleaned up as best he could given the type of work performed.

Small Tiling JobBathroom fitter | Bathroom Tiling
REF: 8908849   |   11 MONTHS AGO 13/10/20 11:36

Andrew Slater

Water has got behind some of the tiles in our shower so they need refixing & grouting.

The homeowner said: 19:18 (29/04/2021)
  • Great job!

Simple Tile ReplacementFloor fitters | Floor Tiling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *****
REF: 8651557   |   A YEAR AGO 10/07/20 14:06

Edward Vijayavargiya

Looking to install 2x 60x60 tiles in kitchen floor, with white grouting.
Original tiles have been removed, and adhesive taken off. If you can please provide adhesive and grouting materials, tiles have been sourced.

  • The homeowner said: 13:55 (13/07/2020)
    Very well manned, cleaned up afterwards, no fuss, no messing about. Quality job, Quality professional Tiler.

Shower Re sealingBathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 8554447   |   A YEAR AGO 02/06/20 11:29

Alex Hincu

I need someone urgently to take out the old sealing from the shower Cabin and apply a waterproof white sealer all around the shower interior and exterior

If someone takes a shower water comes to the ceiling of the kitchen
Probably just needs a proper sealing

The homeowner said: 15:01 (02/06/2020)
  • I have had a great experience with the tradesmen.From the time I posted the job as urgent he came straight away and saw the job , we agreed on price and the job was done professionally at a high standard.
    I would recommend him to everyone .
    5 stars +

Shower cubicle replacementBathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 8543694   |   A YEAR AGO 28/05/20 12:09

George Stuart

The base of our shower cubicle has rotted and needs rebuilding, identifying leak and replacement cubicle fitted

  • The homeowner said: 09:11 (16/06/2020)
    Very efficient and tidy. Highly recommended.

Replace shower and enclosureBathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 8228340   |   2 YEARS AGO 10/12/19 13:38

Rose Doran

We have tiling coming away from the wall because the wall behind is unstable. The enclosure was re-tiled and replaced about six years ago (for the same reason) but the problem has recurred. The enclosure itself is fine, although we accept it may not be possible to rem…

  • The homeowner said: 10:51 (18/06/2020)
    Worked incredibly hard on a really difficult job and completely rectified poor work that had been done previously. Can't recommend highly enough.

Re tile bathroomTiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 8226693   |   2 YEARS AGO 09/12/19 18:41

Louise Perkins

Replace re grout tiles around bath edge

  • The homeowner said: 07:07 (16/12/2019)
    Very good job - thank you

Remove cracked tiles, replaster and re-tileTiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 7972887   |   2 YEARS AGO 02/09/19 09:34

Alex Whiting

We have some cracked tiles in shower cubicle.
Plumber has been to check and doesn't think there's a leak.
About 20 tiles need removing, plaster replacing behind, and new tiles fitted.

  • The homeowner said: 21:51 (24/11/2019)
    Florentin was great. This was a complicated job that wasn't made easy by tenants. He was incredibly patient and honest throughout, and delivered a quality finish.


En-suite shower: reseal and make waterproofBathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 7719248   |   2 YEARS AGO 30/05/19 10:00
Nathan Harris

Sealant in and around shower cubicle has failed, leaking water under the tray and through the ground floor ceiling below.

  • The homeowner said: 08:41 (07/06/2019)
    Fast and awesome, Florentin did exactly what he promised, on budget. Would recommend!

Re-grouting around 2 shower trays Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 7468219   |   3 YEARS AGO 25/02/19 15:51

Ian Thomas

Have experienced water leakage from the tray of one or both showers in my flat. re-grouting required around both trays.

  • The homeowner said: 10:14 (18/06/2019)
    The job turned out to require the repair of two showers that had developed bad leaks over the years, including replacing parts of the surrounding walls and flooring as well as new tiling and marble. A lot of work, done to a high standard. Would strongly recommend.


Kitchen floor tiles regroutingTiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 7464243   |   3 YEARS AGO 24/02/19 12:44

Anita O Neill

I need one kitchen floor tile replaced as it is cracked. The grouting is also breaking so the floor needs regrouting. It is a small kitchen area, less than 20 oblong tiles.

  • The homeowner said: 21:18 (02/03/2019)
    Excellent quality of work, turned up on time, price is good. Only slight thing is it would have been good if he also removed the bag of rubbish left over from the job. Honest guy and I would use him again and would recommend him.


Re-tile showerBathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 7379853   |   3 YEARS AGO 23/01/19 09:39
Jacques Botha

Shower wall stripped down and retiled.

  • The homeowner said: 10:27 (24/01/2019)
    Florentine, is a great guy, Kept me in the loop whilst on his way over to see me by texting me his every location. Very polite and friendly. The quote was fair priced and his eagerness to start the work asap was appreciated greatly. Unfortunatly we decided to do the work ourselves due to financial commitments.

Kitchen splashback tilingTiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 7327281   |   3 YEARS AGO 02/01/19 23:50

Shan Lau

One wall of 300cm x 60cm to be tiled with 30cm x 10cm rectangular tiles. (Approx 66 tiles). Four cut out double powerpoints.
Up to £175. (Incl grout) We will supply tiles.

  • The homeowner said: 09:39 (16/01/2019)
    Very good quality job! Very happy!

Kitchen floor tiles need to be re-laidTiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 7245871   |   3 YEARS AGO 19/11/18 21:18
Oskar Hall

Due to a water leak in the kitchen a total of 13 slate floor tiles had to be removed to let the water dry up. The tiles now need to be re-laid.

  • The homeowner said: 19:42 (25/11/2018)
    Florentin responded in a timely manner and he was flexible in terms of the appointment. He was very helpful and did a good job of fixing our slate kitchen floor following a water leak.

We need some tiles replacing! Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6980817   |   3 YEARS AGO 12/08/18 12:11

Lebby Anafu

The tiles along the edge of the bathtub are starting to come up and allow water in, which is then leaking onto the floor. We need help!

The homeowner said: 20:37 (12/08/2019)
  • Very good work.

replacing mouldy shower caulk Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6978117   |   3 YEARS AGO 11/08/18 08:14

Jessica Stacey

we are selling the property & want to spruce up the bathroom by removing & replacing mouldy caulking in the bath/shower

  • The homeowner said: 21:57 (17/08/2018)
    Florentin was good at communicating with us & he did a great job.

Bathroom floor needs repairing Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6972320   |   3 YEARS AGO 08/08/18 20:52

Manuel Rollo

Up to 3 joists would need replacing, possibly more upon inspection.

  • The homeowner said: 21:11 (12/08/2018)
    Job well done and professionally executed. Florentin is reliable and won't stop until the job is completed. I would definitely hire him again.

Cracked tiles in shower Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6853011   |   3 YEARS AGO 27/06/18 19:23

Charlotte Manley

I would like to replace the tiles

  • The homeowner said: 20:37 (08/09/2018)
    Florentin was brilliant. He turned up on time every day. When he arrived he got on with the job in hand. He worked hard and the finished result was amazing. Very professional. He was friendly, even when my boys asked questions. They said that it was nice having him in the house because he was so jolly. I would highly recommend Florentin and will call upon him again when needed.

replace kitchen floor tiles Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 6550158   |   3 YEARS AGO 17/03/18 22:45

Evonne Williams

I need to replace broken kitchen floor tiles

  • The homeowner said: 18:07 (23/04/2018)
    Very good work, neat and tidy job done. Will use him again.
    Mrs W


Replacing missing tiles in bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 6502626   |   3 YEARS AGO 28/02/18 17:17

Athena Hsiao

I have had some plumbing work done on my bathroom sink recently. a couple of tiles have been removed by the plumber and I just need replacement one put back. I have the spare tiles ready.

The homeowner said: 16:53 (06/03/2018)
  • Florentin got in touch very quickly and popped by to quote on the same day. He did a great job replacing tiles for our bathroom. he was friendly, professional and he even tidied up afterwards. we are very happy with his work.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                           REPLY TO RATING
Refreshing/replacing tiling in shower Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 6470482   |   4 YEARS AGO 16/02/18 14:54

Graham Folmer

The tiling on a shower wall (over a bath) is starting to leak. It may just need re-grouting and finishing, or all the tiling may need replacing.

  • The homeowner said: 11:11 (08/03/2018)
    Great job - very high quality finish, and quick to complete.
    Highly recommended.

lay kitchen floorboard and tile floor Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 6266379   |   4 YEARS AGO 21/11/17 19:07

Donella Gayle

I have an issue in the kitchen where the plywood floor has caved in. there was a small leak in this area and the water has made the board dissolve and in turn the tiles have cracked and broken as they are unsupported.

I need a builder to replace the floorboard and ply…

  • The homeowner said: 21:35 (27/11/2017)
    Florentine replaced the floorboards, joist and tiles in my kitchen. He arrived on time, was good at communicating and kept me updated throughout his work. I was most impressed with his dedication as he responded to my add immediately and co pelted the job within a timely manner. His work and finish was exceptionally good and I would highly recommend him for anyone else to use.


Mastic replacement around walk-in shower panel Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6193750   |   4 YEARS AGO 24/10/17 10:09

Peter Maxwell

Existing mastic at base and corner of glass shower panel needs removing and new mastic applied - as it is currently leaking. We will have the coloured mastic on site. It is a small bathroom so we need a very careful repair so not to damage the bath etc.

  • The homeowner said: 15:58 (24/10/2017)
    Florentin turned up on time did a quality job and tidied up. So far so good! would use again.


Uneven shower tray Bathroom fitter | Bathroom Repair
REF: 6173559   |   4 YEARS AGO 17/10/17 09:31

Nick Knowles

Shower unit was recently re-tiled but the tray is sunk on one side interfering with proper drainage. Need to potentially remove and re-align the tray.

  • The homeowner said: 15:04 (17/11/2017)
    Florentin was excellent from start to finish. The damage to the shower was extensive and far greater than initially thought. The quality of the craftsmanship was of the highest standard and would not hesitate to recommend. As I was unable to be at the property during the work, I was sent frequent updates with photos at every stage.

Tiles for wall and floor of small toilet Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 6163074   |   4 YEARS AGO 13/10/17 08:27

Sarah Kaethner

1.4m x 1.0m; porcelain tiles 310mm x 620mm; brick pattern; dark grey grout.

0.8m wide x 1.15m high plus return of 0.5m wide x 1.15m high return; ceramic tiles 150mm x 75mm; brick pattern; dark grey grout.

The floor is self-levellin…

  • The homeowner said: 12:26 (16/10/2017)
    Florentin came at very short notice, worked in an awkward space on a tricky small job and also worked at the weekend. He was straightforward, did exactly what he said he would do, checked on details and did a good job. This all enabled us to keep our main building works going - which was the issue, and Florentin got on board with this. Would recommend and hope he will be back when we have some more straightforward work to do at the end of the job! Very pleased with our tiling.


tile small bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 6123077   |   4 YEARS AGO 28/09/17 17:48

Tanya Usher

remove old tiles, and put up new tiles

  • The homeowner said: 10:00 (29/10/2017)
    Florentin is an absolutely brilliant Tiler: hard worker, reliable, and does an excellent job. I would highly recommend him. Very helpful and conscientious. I am really pleased with the end result: thank you!


Fixing a hole in my bathroom floor Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 6093742   |   4 YEARS AGO 18/09/17 17:06

Pia Frandsen

I have two tiles in my bathroom that need replacing, due to a repair around my sink that is now fixed. I have the tiles, but no other materials currently.
Please could you quote me for this? I'm happy to buy any materials if that's easier. I'm moving home…

  • The homeowner said: 08:57 (26/09/2017)
    Brilliant job, really nice work, and he came and gave us a quote same night.

Replace three cracked kitchen floor tiles Floor fitters | Floor Tiling
REF: 6038117   |   4 YEARS AGO 29/08/17 20:47

Roz Horton

Cut out and replace several damages tiles, then re-grout in dark grey to tone with existing floor.

I have a stack of spare original tiles.

I also need an itemized written quotation to show to the insurance company for a) this job; b) re-tiling the entire floor.


  • The homeowner said: 14:33 (27/11/2017)
    Exceptionally reliable and excellent quality of work. I would very happily engage Florentin again - and indeed am planning to do so when I get my bathroom re-done.


Tile my kitchen Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 5992631   |   4 YEARS AGO 13/08/17 17:43

Pauline Robinson

I have just had my kitchen re-fitted and need the tiling doing. There is approximately 3.5 sq m of tiling between the worktops and cupboards and also along the window ledge. There is also a small area of the ceiling that needs plastering if you are also able to do this…

  • The homeowner said: 16:18 (16/12/2017)
    Florentin was flexible about when he did the work and was able to come at the weekend which was really helpful and saved me having to take time off work. He was efficient, hardworking and friendly and do an excellent job.


Shower floor grouting Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 5904731   |   4 YEARS AGO 12/07/17 18:55
Carissa Bub

I notice grouting has come up and concerned water may be under the tiles and need an experienced tiler who is qualified to assess the situation. Minimum requirement is grouting several tiles in this 1.6m shower.

  • The homeowner said: 18:57 (07/08/2017)
    Florian is a nice guy with his own style and you can see his experience at work. Clean, efficient, friendly.


Replace 4 bricks and 30 small tiles in bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 5756973   |   4 YEARS AGO 17/05/17 13:20

Alex Roberts

We had a leak behind the wall and in order to find and repair it a few bricks (about 4) and some tiles (about 30) were removed. We can supply replacement materials.

  • The homeowner said: 12:46 (14/09/2017)
    Florentin did a very thorough job.


Replace a broken kitchen tile Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 5666193   |   4 YEARS AGO 11/04/17 19:20

Sharad Raval

I broke one of my kitchen tiles this evening; I have a replacement tile ready, so how much would it cost just to replace the broken tile?

  • The homeowner said: 15:09 (12/04/2017)
    Excellent work, replaced our broken tile promptly and perfectly. I'll definitely call on you again - thank you!

Tile Kitchen Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 5658216   |   4 YEARS AGO 09/04/17 12:14

Gary Lawrence

I need someone to make good on not a great job with minimal budget. Tiling has been done but space between tiles is too big and when I grouted it, it didn't look too great. Bathroom is the same but not as bad. I think you need to take a look to see what I'm talk…

  • The homeowner said: 17:50 (16/04/2017)
    He came down bright and early in the morning, started straight away and was complete by the end of the day to a very good standard. Very happy customer??

 Retile around toilet in ensuite bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling                                                                                             *****

REF: 5574061   |   4 YEARS AGO 10/03/17 14:00
John Gutt

One tile had to be broken to gain access to cistern to replace siphon. Tile can't be matched so we want to retile around toilet [not whole bathroom] to achieve proper job.

The homeowner said: 07:13 (18/03/2017)
  • Florentin installed a small granite bathroom feature for us. We found him helpful, careful and a good guy to work with. Price was reasonable and work was meticulous. Florentin is a craftsman and we recommend him highly.


Small bathroom floor re-tile Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 5560809   |   4 YEARS AGO 06/03/17 09:53

Michelle Hills

Replace broken bathroom floor tiles - about 2m x 1.5m - central London (Holborn) with on-site parking

  • The homeowner said: 11:14 (16/03/2017)
    Nice guy, happy with job. thank you

Small tiling repair job Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 5518693   |   5 YEARS AGO 18/02/17 10:14

Michael Sanders

Hi, the grouting between some of the wall tiles in our shower alcove need fixing. It's not a big job but will probably involve removing about six tiles and regrouting. Cheers, Michael.

  • The homeowner said: 09:33 (25/02/2017)
    Great job, thanks Florentin.


Chipped kitchen floor tile following break-in Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 5518027   |   5 YEARS AGO 17/02/17 18:48

Chiara Mckee-Gunnell

A kitchen tile has been chipped by a paving stone, keen to have it replaced if possible. We have matching spare tiles.

  • The homeowner said: 11:08 (20/05/2017)
    Florentin did an AMAZING job removing and replacing damaged Victorian tiles following a break in at our house. Florentin, is punctual, professional and excellent at what he does. We will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks Florentin for helping to make home feel like home again!

Tile kitchen and bathroom floor Floor fitters | Floor Tiling
REF: 5098487   |   5 YEARS AGO 16/08/16 10:22

Eve Shen

Hello, I need help to do some floor work for both kitchen (3sqm) and bathroom (2sqm):

1) remove current vinyl floor
2) tile the floor

I will buy the tiles.

Thank you

  • The homeowner said: 10:29 (25/08/2016)
    Really happy with the kitchen. They really paid attention to details and ensured everything was done properly. Good value for money too! Highly recommended!

Tile bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 5001360   |   5 YEARS AGO 10/07/16 19:54

Nick Kesar

2 bathroom walls to be tiled with ceramic tiles

  • The homeowner said: 18:05 (15/07/2016)
    Beautiful job, a master tiler with professional equipment.


Tiling in bathroom Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4994675   |   5 YEARS AGO 07/07/16 17:14

Jonathan Wainstein

I need my bathroom partially re-tiled. The old tiling (15 cm x 15cm tiles) around the bath and shower area and around the sink needs to be removed and replaced. It's a reasonably small job, perhaps a day or so. The job is in Archway, London

  • The homeowner said: 09:58 (12/08/2016)
    Very professional tiling job from a very responsive and courteous tradesman.

Tile side of bath Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4969500   |   5 YEARS AGO 27/06/16 22:08

Duncan McCormick

Hello, we just moved into a new house. After one day we noticed some tiles on the side of the bath panel were loose and gently touched them and a few fell off. Most are close to falling off. Would you be able to re-grout them?

  • The homeowner said: 11:03 (03/07/2016)
    Florentin is an absolutely superb guy and utter professional. Went over and beyond what I asked of him and didn't ask for anything more than his original quote, which was in itelf hugely competitive. He did a fantastic re-tiling job in my bathroom and fixed the damp problems whilst he was at it. You can tell Florentin cares absolutely about his trade and his work. No messing around, no fuss. I will be booking him for all my future kitchen and bathroom jobs. You will not be disappointed. Top man, top job.

2 x Bath surround Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4942768   |   5 YEARS AGO 15/06/16 17:57

Andrew Corden

I have 2 baths that need a tiled surround. One is just a one tile high (44cm) surround, the other is a full height surround with mirror section suitable to have a stand-up shower in the bath. The low surround is ready to go and I have the tiles, the full height will be…

The homeowner said: 18:54 (17/06/2016)
  • Florentin is an excellent Tiler. Very nice job.
    He did our bath surround and basin splash back. He really knew how to make it look great, with some good detailing. His corners and edges are accomplished, sharp and professional. His bent corners with the metal edging really takes it to the next level. I can be quite fussy over detailing, but he clearly understood what was needed and delivered it with confidence.

    Will use again, and highly recommend to friends.

Small Marble Tiling Job Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4938015   |   5 YEARS AGO 13/06/16 16:17

Jack Dexter

I've had to replaced a boxed in sink basin with a free standing one with pedestal. I need someone to tile a line of tiles to the end of wall - and a couple of square meters on wall and boxed in cistern area, to create some boxing in for bath waste and tile over.


  • The homeowner said: 15:42 (20/06/2016)
    Thanks Florentin.
    Helped out a lot with boxing in.


Repair cracked tiles I need to replace a tile ...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4914429   |   5 YEARS AGO 02/06/16 17:17

Marco Gunnella

Repair cracked tiles
I need to replace a tile in the bathroom. Dimension 59x59 cm.
The tile has been discontinued but I have 6 stripes of same material and color but dimension 10x59.
One or more stripes must be cut because in the middle of the old tile there is the to…

  • The homeowner said: 09:24 (26/06/2016)
    He did a very good job.

My bathroom tiles became loose and one cracked. ...Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 4904702   |   5 YEARS AGO 30/05/16 19:33

Richard Ashford

My bathroom tiles became loose and one cracked. I have bought a replacement and got them all up apart from the one the toilet sits on. I need someone to take this one up or be able to cut a new one and for them all down again flat so they don't come loose.

  • The homeowner said: 10:39 (26/08/2016)
    Very thorough and considered approach to the work. Looks as good as new.


Tile Tiling above existing bath splash back to ...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4904125   |   5 YEARS AGO 30/05/16 16:03

Shelley Skinner

Tile Tiling above existing bath splash back to allow for shower use.
Type of tiles: Plain white basic bathroom tiles. Not fussy.
The shower installation is due to take place week of 6 June. Need tiles put in before that please. The wall is already tiles 1/2 way…

  • The homeowner said: 16:32 (31/05/2016)
    I did not use the tiler because we decided to not move the shower. He was prompt in responding, assessed the job well and provided a quote that I would have accepted if the work was going ahead. Friendly and professional.

Tile 1 x washbasin splash back Tile size appro...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4605925   |   6 YEARS AGO 10/02/16 08:52

John Hodson

Tile 1 x washbasin splash back
Tile size approx 20 x 7
I will supply the tiles
Property style: Period

  • The homeowner said: 11:55 (17/02/2016)


Repair After an impact an area of 4x4 50mm tile...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4391969   |   6 YEARS AGO 04/11/15 14:14Y
Michael Trinder

Repair After an impact an area of 4x4 50mm tiles and the plasterboard behind in our shower has given way. No broken tiles, but the area needs removing, new plasterboard and possibly some timber structure and the tiles replacing. The wall is a simple stud wall built out …

  • The homeowner said: 22:13 (18/11/2015)
    Responded almost faster than I could cope with, did a lovely clean job, discussed an expanded scope of work before doing it and was friendly throughout.

Tile 1 x wall Existing tiles need to be removed...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4387583   |   6 YEARS AGO 02/11/15 22:17


Tile 1 x wall
Existing tiles need to be removed first
Two tiles have fallen off the wall near the bath and others at the end of the bath have caved in.
I'd like the tradesman to supply the tiles
Property style: Suburban

  • The homeowner said: 21:36 (10/11/2015)
    Florentin Strava was a very pleasant hard working young man and did a good job. It looks much better than when the Council did it.


Grout 3 x walls, 1 x floor Hiya! I need someone...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4250368   |   6 YEARS AGO 08/09/15 17:25

Charlotte Taylor

Grout 3 x walls, 1 x floor
Hiya! I need someone to grout my bathroom walls and floor. The main wall is 1.63 x 1.7 meters, and the side walls are 1.63 x 0.7 meters. The floor area is roughly 1.3 x 1.3 meters, though a toilet takes up some of it. The grout for the walls …

  • The homeowner said: 21:01 (08/09/2015)
    Florentin is a personable man who came round to give me a quote. He was very punctual and friendly, and the examples I have seen of his work were good, so I may use him in the future.


We have removed some old fireplace tiles from f...Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 4235901   |   6 YEARS AGO 03/09/15 12:46

Robin Travis

We have removed some old fireplace tiles from floor and would like to replace with some new tiles which we already have.
Existing area to be tiled needs a little levelling and filling a few gaps. Tiles need to be cut.
Property style: Suburban

  • The homeowner said: 07:37 (11/09/2015)
    Very punctual and worked cleanly and completed the job well within the expected time.


Grout 1 x shower cubicle No parking restriction...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4173610   |   6 YEARS AGO 11/08/15 10:40

Maureen Measure

Grout 1 x shower cubicle
No parking restrictions
Property style: Period

  • The homeowner said: 10:41 (08/09/2015)
    Excellent work - Florentin Strava replaced and retiled parts of our shower, taking great care to fit in the tiles in a difficult area.


Tile 1 x bath splash back Type of tiles: stone...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4140615   |   6 YEARS AGO 29/07/15 21:30

Ben Woolman

Tile 1 x bath splash back
Type of tiles: stone tiles
I require an area about 45cm x 45cm to be tiled onto the side of the bath as this area had to be broken up to fix a leak under the bath tap. The tiling will need doing onto a timber panel with a silicon strip, so if…

  • The homeowner said: 18:40 (04/08/2015)
    Turned up on time. Job was a very tricky little job as hard to access to tile, but he did a very thorough job to a high quality. Was also very tidy as he went along. I would highly recommend him and would use again definitely.


Repair Tiles fallen off bathroom wall Will need...Tiler | Wall Tiling
REF: 4107826   |   6 YEARS AGO 18/07/15 12:21

Liz Mccarthy

Repair Tiles fallen off bathroom wall
Will need to liaise with the tenants to arrange a good time to gain access to the flat in need of the work.
I'd like the tradesman to supply the tiles
Property style: Period

  • The homeowner said: 13:29 (27/07/2015)
    Despite the workman arriving very late and taking all day for a small-ish job, we are very happy with the final finish and quality.


  • The kitchen Type of tiles: porcelain tiles E...Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 4051931   |   6 YEARS AGO 26/06/15 09:53

Radek Cirmirakis

Tile small part of the kitchen
Type of tiles: porcelain tiles
Existing tiles need to be removed first
Tile kitchen area, 4 tiles 30cm by 60cm,
Does include regrouting
Existing tiles need to be removed first
I will supply the tiles
Property style: Modern

  • The homeowner said: 22:16 (28/06/2015)
    Florentin was very professional and tidy, turned up sharp on time, had all the required tools and got the job done perfectly and smoothly. I would definitely recommend him to anybody. He's not the cheapest but as he says "you get what you pay for".

Tile 1 x floor Type of tiles: ceramic tiles E...Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 4000092   |   6 YEARS AGO 05/06/15 12:37

Jane Stephany

Tile 1 x floor
Type of tiles: ceramic tiles
Existing tiles need to be removed first
I have had an underground leak and I need part of the tiles to come off now asap and for the ground to dry out with drying machines. I am told the drying should take about 6 weeks and…

  • The homeowner said: 15:23 (03/03/2016)
    I went with Florentin because when he came to look at the job he was meticulous in the way he investigated the problem I had with an underground leak and replaced the damaged tiles very carefully before work commenced. He was given an excellent telephone reference. Throughout the job he was very professional clearly taking a pride in the job he was doing which was laying limestone.


Bathroom - tiles need regrouting and re-sealing...Tiler | Floor Tiling
REF: 3940655   |   6 YEARS AGO 13/05/15 16:23

Samuel B

bathroom - tiles need regrouting and re-sealing
upstairs toilet - tiling needs to be finished and re-grouted and re-sealed
kitchen - floor tiles need regrouting
Property style: Suburban

  • The homeowner said: 20:50 (03/06/2015)
    Did a great job. Very happy with the outcome. I would very highly recommend his business!

                                                                                                 Paris Hammond

Water damaged wetroom repair                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *****  Email testomony                                                                                                                                  

on 2021-03-12

Thanks for the work on the shower

It looks really good
Don’t forget to invoice me!                 


                                                                                                              Elaine Brewer

Quartz tile replacement                                                                                                                                                      *****

on 2019-11-08

Prompt, efficient & friendly service. Florentin did a great job. Would definitely recommend

                                                                                                 Naomi Shragai

27/03/2019 - REF #7552578                                                                                                                                                *****                                                                                                                                                    
The tiles in my shower appear cracked
Tiler | Floor Tiling


Job Description:

'' I need to replace the tiles in my shower. the tiles appear cracked, and the area feels damp''

The homeowner said: 11:34 (31/08/2019

Text message testimony

All fine - thanks for everything Naomi!

                                                                                                  Steven Moore

Cracked Bathroom Tile                                                                                                                                                                           *****

on 2018-06-06

A bathroom fitter did a very bad job of our refurbishment. Florentin and his plumber quickly identified a number of issues and put things right. He gave us lots of good advice. He was quick to respond and we let him get on with the job while we were on holiday. I wish we had found him before as it would have saved us a lot of hassle and money! Highly recommended.


                                                                                                  Clare Wilkie

Marble shelf restoration                                                                                                                                                   *****

30/04/2018 REF #6680721
Repair botched mosaic tile on shelf in bathroom
Tiler | Wall Tiling

Homeowner said: 10:53  (23-05-2018)

I had a really bad tile job done by another builder who completely ruined my marble mosaic tiles. I called on Tile Marble Granite to try and make it look better. They replied so promptly and started work on them the very next day. They made a tile shelf look a lot better than it was by polishing and reshaping. Very reliable and really knowledgeable when it comes to natural stone. Many thanks

                                                                                                    Ansel Krut
4:49 PM November 28, 2018                                                                                                                        *****   

Dear Florentin
Many thanks and thanks for doing such a terrific tiling job in my kitchen.

                                                                                                                                                   Good Lookslike

9:05 PM November  13, 2018                                                                                                                                              *****
We've used Tile Marble Granite twice in 3 years. Tile work in both bathrooms and most recently last week re-sealing shower trays with silicone. Reliable. Expert knowledge. Neat work and just as importantly we feel comfortable having Florentin in our home. Highly recommend and will definitely use again.

1:26 PM November 10, 2018                                                   *****
Very nice work and shows off how highly skilled you are ,well done

1:00 PM November 10, 2018                                                          *****
By the way that is some mighty impressive work, tops marks!!!
Out of curiosity, how long did that take you? What piece is on the end of your machine?

TTT Tiling
11:45 AM  November 10, 2018                                                                                                                                         *****
Blimey, that's incredible work!

Roshan Patel

9:32 PM August 13, 2018                                                                                                                                                                        *****
I was looking for someone that had a skill in cutting and fitting granite tiles, found ‘Tile Marble Granite’ that was able to cut a solid piece of granite worktop in half and also shape the edges without cracking and ruining the piece. This turned in to tables. Also had a wall tiled with granite tiles which was done to perfection. He was able to level the wall before applying waterproof backing and then tiling and finished with the grout. Perfect job which was finished by drilling holes to fit the cooker hood. This is the second job I have done using him and will continue to use him for jobs similar to this as his work is professional with no cutting corners. Thanks Tile Marble Granite!!
Tony Boffa

10:15 PM July 15, 2018                                                                                                                                                              *****
Had porcelain tiles laid in my house. Very good job
Professionally fitted. Would definately recommend.

Steve Moore
00:01 AM on June 6, 2018                                                                                                                                               *****
A bathroom fitter did a very bad job of our refurbishment. Florentin and his plumber quickly identified a number of issues and put things right. He gave us lots of good advice. He was quick to respond and we let him get on with the job while we were on holiday. I wish we had found him before as it would have saved us a lot of hassle and money! Highly recommended.

Lawrence Warner
4:50 PM on January 8, 2018                                                                                                                                               *****
Florentin did excellent work for us, cheerfully and professionally. He spent a whole Saturday at our place doing it right, and came back to finish one small thing no problem. We were delighted with his work and his rates were fair.

Bartholomew Byrne
7:59 AM on December 16, 2017                                                                        *****
I had the great good fortune to find Florentine when I had a very tricky tile replacement job around a 4ft bath come shower.it was a very difficult job because the working area was so cramped. His work is extremely professional and efficient and he would certainly be my go-to guy in any future tiling work

Tanya Usher
6:39 AM on October 29, 2017                                                    *****
I'm so happy with my bathroom, the tiles look excellent. You worked extremely hard, thank you for doing a wonderful job. 

I will highly recommend you! 

Tanya Usher
6:36 AM on October 29, 2017                                                                                                                                       *****
Florentin is an absolutely brilliant Tiler: hard worker, reliable, and does an excellent job. I would highly recommend him. Very helpful and conscientious. I am really pleased with the end result: thank you!

Jessica Stacey
6:58 PM on October 24, 2017
Florentin turned up on time did a quality job and tidied up. So far so good! would use again.

Robert Korzinek
9:42 AM on August 2, 2017                                                                                                                                               *****

I have just sent the invoice payment to your bank account, so it should show in your account today.

Thank you again for the good job performed.


Carolina Ambida
4:44 PM on July 6, 2017                                                                                                                                                      *****
The tiling work is just amazing and it's a pleasure to look at.  Thanks again for all your hard work.

Best wishes,

Jodie Green
2:51 PM on June 30, 2017                                                                                                                                                   *****

Many thanks for getting back to me. 

Well, your works looks amazing - your clients are very lucky! 

Kind regards, 

Dawn Chamberlain
3:42 AM on April 5, 2017                                                                                                                                                    *****
We are very pleased with the work you carried out.

John Farral
12:10 PM on April 2, 2017                                                                                                                                               *****
Florentin (Tile Marble Granite) was reliable, quick, sourced difficult to get parts and did a very professional job at a good price. Very pleased.

John Bourne
7:43 AM on March 11, 2017                                                                                                                                               *****
Tile Marble Granite did a custom tile job for me a while ago, all tiles were cut individuals and laid on diagonal pattern. The
skirtings were finished with a top polished aluminium trimmed. The whole finished job gave a very pleasing affect to the entrance
of the house.

Robin Travis
07:37  AM on September 11, 2015
Very punctual and worked cleanly and completed the job well within the expected time.

Yatesy 1983
3:57 PM on February 3, 2015                                                                                                                                          *****
Urgent: Strip tiles around bath area, retile, re-grout
''Tiling ''
We needed our tiling re-sealed quickly as we're expecting our first born soon so needed the shower operational again. Tile, Marble, Granite came quickly, gave a reasonable quote and did the work to a high standard. Very happy to have our shower back, thanks!

Jonathan May 
8:02 AM on January 12, 2015
Bathroom - replacing two floor tiles around towel rail ''Tiling'' Good job done. Thank you.

4:07PM on January 10, 2015                                                                                                                                        *****
Re-move and replace grout in bathroom ''Tiling ''
Excellent job and lovely guy. Would strongly recommend. A***      

6:00 PM December 11, 2014                                                                                                                             *****
Great tile work for reasonable pricing! Very professional work and tile looks very elegant. Loved the tile work that was done in my two bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways! Would definitely use this business again and have already recommended to everyone I know. Best tile work I have ever seen

Emanuel Olariu

8:51 PM on August 8, 2014                                                                                                                                 *****
Tile Marble Granite did some tile work to my house, the work looks great, love it. I would definitely recommend his business to anyone out there. He is an old friend of mine as well


4:38 PM on January 2, 2014                                                  *****
TileMarbleGranite did my kitchen, hallway and two bathrooms. The work was very professional and looks amazing! I still get tons of compliments years later. I would highly recommend this company to others. 

Rai Agostini
7:30 PM on December 9, 2013                                                                                                                                          *****
Partially refurbished my bathroom. The final job is very good and the finish is excellent. The job overran slightly but that shouldn't overshadow the quality of his work. I'll be using him again for more tiling..

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