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Tile Marble Granite is your source for re-grouting work in the North London area. Affordable re-grouting services are our specialty.                                                                                                                                                                                 

The worn out grout causes not only mould but cracks, loose grout and water leakage followed by dampness.

Worn out grout cannot be restored by using chemicals nor can it be re-grouted on top of the old grout as it will not last. However, it can be achieved by performing a grout restoration job but it will take several steps to do so.

Re-grouting process:

While most of us think it is an easy task to just re-grout (an in and out job), it is not. It takes lots of time and effort to deliver a top notch grout restoration job. However, before we get to re-grouting the tile, we will have to get rid of the worn out grout first.

How is it done? 

Using the proper tools and skills are always an advantage. The grout needs to be raked out before any re-grouting is done as you cannot grout on top of grout. The grout joint needs to be cleaned up prior to grouting and a proper sealer job is needed to prevent any future water penetration and stains. The grout has to be maintained periodically. We recommend it be done once a year. Once done, the grout will stay intact as brand new for many years to come. 

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worn out grouting

 shower worn out grout

pink mould  stained grout

pink mould

grout raking process

grout raking 12mm deep 

grout raked 12mm deep

12mm grout joints raked

grout joints raked out

grout joints raked

fresh grouting

fresh grout

grout restoratin job

grout refreshed