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Professional water damaged assessments, shower repair, acrylic stone resin shower tray installation and replacements throughout Brownstown/Michigan area. Our showers are fully waterproof designed to prevent water damage for years to come. 

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Water damaged shower repair performed by professional tile contractor with over 20 years experience in the field. 

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18mm marine plywood floor

18mm marine plywood floor

Shower tray frame

Shower tray frame 

Shower tray reinstalled

Stone resine shower tray reinstalled

Wall board installed

Walls reinstalled, polyethylene membrane corner tape applied 

Corners waterproofed

Corners fully waterproofed 

Access panel to the trap

Access panel to the trap a must

Box access panel

Box access panel

Shower walls fully waterproofed

Shower walls fully waterproofed

Shower reinstated

Water damaged shower repaired

Water ingress occurs when the shower walls are not suitable for a shower. Other causes that might cause water leakage is the shower tray being improperly installed. It is a common mistake within the building industry to improperly assess the work needed inside the shower or to install the shower tray the wrong way. That alone leaves room for errors inside the shower causing water damage down the road. We do not recommend the use of greenboard inside the shower room nor the use of silicone as a shower tray seal. Materials used inside the shower should be moisture resistant, such as HardieBacker sheets, or waterproofed Wedi boards, Schluter boards etc. If the greenboard is used, a polyethylene membrane is highly recommended (a must) with proper corner seals to prevent the water from seeping through. The floor needs to be sturdy enough to withhold the Stone Resin Shower Tray. A wooden base is highly recommended to install the shower tray on top. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why is the shower leaking to the room below while in use?

A: Water ingress. The grout failed for whatever reason, water got behind the tile, wall was not waterproofed and improperly sealed.

Q: How do I fix the water leakage?

A: In order to fix the water leakage, you would have to identify the area that leaks, remove the tiles, further assess the water damage (a must do), rebuild the shower using the proper materials and techniques, create waterproof seals a must, then retile the area.

Q: How long will it take to fix the shower? 

A: It all depends on the severity of the water damage, and what needs to be done to fix the water damage.

Q: Our shower was leaking downstairs, we had the builders fix it about 5 years ago. Shower just started to leak again. Why is that?

A: There is always a reason why a shower fails. Therefore, a water damaged shower should be proper assessed and the cause of the leakage identified beforehand (a must do). Without knowing what is causing the failure, there is nothing to fix (it will happen again). So, your previous builder must have missed the assessement part. It is a pretty common error within the building industry.  

Steve Higgon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *****                                                                     
**Had new Shower Tray installed and tiles at the tray level. Poor quality tiling and grouting.

Need it taken out and re-fitted. The prior job is dripping through the ceiling to the downstairs.
No drama, prior guy provided a refund, his tiler just let him down.**

  • The homeowner said: 11:08 (26/08/2021)
    Absolute professional. Can’t recommend him highly enough. He knew what needed to be done, got on with the job, cleaned up as best he could given the type of work performed.

Andrew Slater                                                                                                                                                                   *****                                                                                                                                                                                              **Water has got behind some of the tiles in our shower so they need refixing & grouting.**

The homeowner said: 19:18 (29/04/2021)
  • Great job!

Rose Doran                                                                                                                                                                        ***** 

**We have tiling coming away from the wall because the wall behind is unstable. The enclosure was re-tiled and replaced about six years ago (for the same reason) but the problem has recurred. The enclosure itself is fine, although we accept it may not be possible to rem…

  • The homeowner said: 10:51 (18/06/2020)
    Worked incredibly hard on a really difficult job and completely rectified poor work that had been done previously. Can't recommend highly enough.

George Stuart                                                                                                                                                                    *****

**The base of our shower cubicle has rotted and needs rebuilding, identifying leak and replacement cubicle fitted**

  • The homeowner said: 09:11 (16/06/2020)
    Very efficient and tidy. Highly recommended.

Ian Thomas                                                                                                                                                                          *****

**Have experienced water leakage from the tray of one or both showers in my flat. re-grouting required around both trays.**

  • The homeowner said: 10:14 (18/06/2019)
    The job turned out to require the repair of two showers that had developed bad leaks over the years, including replacing parts of the surrounding walls and flooring as well as new tiling and marble. A lot of work, done to a high standard. Would strongly recommend.

Alex Whiting                                                                                                                                                                        *****

**We have some cracked tiles in shower cubicle.
Plumber has been to check and doesn't think there's a leak.
About 20 tiles need removing, plaster replacing behind, and new tiles fitted.**

  • The homeowner said: 21:51 (24/11/2019)
    Florentin was great. This was a complicated job that wasn't made easy by tenants. He was incredibly patient and honest throughout, and delivered a quality finish.

Nick Knowles

**Shower unit was recently re-tiled but the tray is sunk on one side interfering with proper drainage. Need to potentially remove and re-align the tray.**

  • The homeowner said: 15:04 (17/11/2017)
    Florentin was excellent from start to finish. The damage to the shower was extensive and far greater than initially thought. The quality of the craftsmanship was of the highest standard and would not hesitate to recommend. As I was unable to be at the property during the work, I was sent frequent updates with photos at every stage.