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Natural Stone Tile Contractor Based in Brownstown, Michigan. Need High-End Custom Bullnose Products Such As Window-sills, Shower Shelves, Access Panels, Cistern Box? Do Not Hesitate to Call Us!

I tend to fabricate my own bullnose, shower shelves, access panels, tile skirting, window sills, tile counter-tops, fireplaces and ledges as well. All these products are custom made fabricated on-site.

In order to deliver a top notch job I treat the porcelain as stone using 1/16'' narrow grout joints, aluminum trims are eliminated using a state of the art custom made bullnosing. Every shower has a custom shower shelf to amplify the beauty of stone work. Window sills are bull-nosed as well. 

It takes several steps to fabricate the bullnose
- I carefully design and cut them to fit.

- The bull-nose is beveled  prior to polishing using a wet diamond router
- Wet/dry diamond polisher is used
- Buffing is a plus to bring out the sparkling shine in it

Epoxy glue is used to assemble the products we make.

We can fabricate marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate and even porcelain.

See pictures below.

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Porcelain shower shelf

Bullnose porcelain shower shelf

Porcelain bullnose shower ledge

Bullnose porcelain shower ledge

Porcelain bullnose panel

Bullnose porcelain cistern box/ panel

Bullnose walk-in shower

Bullnose walk-in shower

Porcelain bullnose

Bullnose porcelain 

Porcelain bullnose window

Bullnose window

Bullnose window sill

Bullnose window sill

Porcelain window sill

Bullnose porcelain window sill