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Bathroom Tile Falling Off the Wall Due to Water Ingress? Call Your Local Tile Contractor. High Quality and Efficient Tile Repair Services Throughout Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Local tile contractor specialized in water ingress properties, wall and floor loose tile repair, as well as broken/cracked tile replacement in the Potters Bar/Hertfordshire area. Water ingress is a common bathroom failure that could happen to any property, due to poor craftsmanship and lack of expertise. If water ingress signs are ignored, it will do a lot of damage to the property in the long run. Do not ignore the water mark signs. Fix it now. Call us anytime for a free consultation. No job is too small. Free on-site assessments. Quick response. 

Water Ingress Bathroom Wall & Floor Tile Repairs Performed by Professional Tile Contractor with Professional Experience.  

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loose wall tiles

Water damaged bathroom wall

water ingress damaged wall

Loose tiles

Water ingress damaged wall

bathroom window-sill

Marble window-sill

Bathroom window-sill


Bathroom wall restored

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q: Why the tiles are falling off wall?

A: Water ingress behind the tile. Wall does not have the proper waterproofing. Therefore, the water penetrates the grout, soaks in the wall and the tile starts falling off wall.

Q: How to fix loose wall tile?

A: The area needs to be removed. cleaned up. Wall needs to be completely dry. Waterproof wall, then reinstall new tiles.

Q: What if the wall is soaking wet?

A: A dehumidifier will be neeed to dry up the wall

Q: How long will it take to dry the wall?

A: Usually, it takes about 10 to 14 days to dry up 100%, then it all depends of the severity of the water damage. We had jobs in the past that took longer than that to dry.

Q: Our 6 month old kitchen floor tiles are bouncing and make a noise while walking on them, grout is cracked, hollow underneath. Do not know what is causing the floor to fail. How do we fix the floor?

A: A 6 month old floor should not fail like that. They must have installed the tiles in a Dot & Dab fashion, that usually leaves a huge gap underneath the tile, that alone causes the floor tiles to fail and grout to crack.

Steven Moore                                                                                                                                                                    
 **Cracked Bathroom Tile - Bathroom refurbished last year and fitters have been back 3 times to fix tiling issues on one wall. We don't want to use them again. We need advice on steps to fix issue once & for all.**

The homeowner said: 21:51 (06/06/2018)

A bathroom fitter did a very bad job of our refurbishment. Florentin and his plumber quickly identified a number of issues and put things right. He gave us lots of good advice. He was quick to respond and we let him get on with the job while we were on holiday. I wish we had found him before as it would have saved us a lot of hassle and money! Highly recommended.