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Wet Room Leakage Below Due to Water Damage? Look No Further! Call Tile Marble Granite. Professional Water Damage Assessor/Wet Room Renovator.  

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Examples of wet room repairs done throughout the years. Before/During/After

 Wonder what is the difference between a wet room and an old school shower?  A wet room has a polyethylene membrane installed on top of the mud pan, a large flange waterproofed drain that seals the membrane, prefabricated corner seals and an extruded polystyrene base (wet room tray) or a custom mortar bed. The water never makes it to the mortar bed, that alone keeps the shower dry and mold free. An ordinary shower does not have any of that. The water penetrates the grout, the mortar bed gets soaking wet developing the moisture and black mold. In North America these wet rooms are knows as waterproofed showers etc... 

This is a limestone wet room that terribly went wrong. It has been leaking for years without notice. The whole wet room was falling apart. 

Timber rotted from water ingress.

The entire wet room was redesigned. Walls were fully waterproofed with a proper polyethylene membrane, corner seals and a custom mortar bed with Schluter Kerdi drain.

Wet room mortar bed fully waterproofed using Schluter Kerdi Coll sealant adhesive.

This is the final product, 100% waterproofed. Large format limestone tile with proper diagonal cuts to achieve the pitch down towards the drain.

This is another one of my wet room repair jobs done back in Feb. 2021. This wet room was built about five years ago. It leaked three times already. Water was pouring downstairs through the ceiling lights. Previous builders could not comprehend the leak to the point that they just gave up.  

Client hired me to fix the builder's errors once and for all.

Joists were proper reinforced. Drainage was altered to accommodate the vertical Schluter Kerdi Drain. A drain box was constructed.

New 3/4'' marine plywood floor in place.

Initially we were going to pour down a mortar bed but decided to go for a Schluter Kerdi wet room tray instead. It all depends on the joist deflection. 

Wet room tray fully waterproofed with Schluter Kerdi Coll.

Wet room tray tiled with diagonal cuts to achieve a proper pitch down towards the drain.

Wet room reinstated, 100% fully waterproofed. Customer happy!

This is another one of my repair jobs where I had to work around builders. 

In this instance the old drain was reused. The flange had to be extended in order to be able to attach the waterproof membrane. 


Waterproofing process

Waterproofing reinforced for extra precautious

Wet room tiled with Black Riven Brazilian slate, 100% waterproofed. Diagonal cuts to achieve the proper slope.

Wet room remodeling job. Builders constructed a Hardi-Backer wet room tray with diagonal cuts for the slope down. 

The drain was improperly installed. It would have leaked at first use.

Drain readjusted to meet wet room standards.

The drain flange was extended with polyethylene membrane. Schluter Kerdi Coll wet room adhesive was used to seal the collar around the drain.

Polyethylene waterproof membrane installed.

Final product, 100% waterproofed.

FloFX waterproof drain

Here are just a few examples of water damaged wet room repairs that I have encountered throughout the years. Bear in mind, water leakage occurs due to improper craftsmanship, poor understanding of how a wet room works and lack of expertise. All these water ingresses properties are properly assessed, the cause of water migration is identified to make sure the same mistake will not happen again. Although, all these wet rooms share something in common, water seeping down below, every single job repair is unique. No job is alike. Constructing a proper wet room requires expertise in the following, water damage assessment, timber joist reinforcement, floor and wall repair, proper waterproofing, patience is a must as it is time consuming and finally the tile installation. The wet room kits and materials used are carefully chosen, it all depends on the job requirements. We endorse Schluter Kerdi, Ardex, Dural Durabase products. Although, there is no best wet room kit on the market available, we prefer polyethylene membrane/corner seals over slurry kits. Custom poured mortar bed wet room pans are the number one option followed by Schluter Kerdi wet room pans, which are a lightweight preformed extruded polystyrene. The old school way is combined with new technology to come up with a better wet room waterproofing product to make it last. Always on the lookout for better materials. Additionally, being up to date with the wet room industry is a must. Expertise is everything.    

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why is my wet room leaking downstairs?

A: The waterproofing seals failed, that is when the water damage occurs.

Q: How do I partially fix the water leakage?

A: Most wet rooms do not show water damage signs. Therefore, it is hard to tell where exactlly the water leakage occurs. So, a partial repair it is not a promise. Most times you will end up removing the bottom portion of the wet room. 

Q: How long will it take to fix the wet room leakage?

A: As we cannot tell what is behind the tile, or how it was constructed etc., we cannot estimate a time frame at first sight. Once the floor is removed, we will run a further assessment of the water damage. We then come up with a work schedule thereafter. However, we can confirm, it is time consuming to properly repair a water damaged wet room.

Q: What is the best wet room kit available on the market?

A: There is no best wet room kit available on the market. Although, we endorse polyetylene membrane over slurry kits. Vertical drains with large flange such as Schluter Kerdi Drains & extruded polystyrene wet room trays and seals. See pictures above.

Q: Our builders waterproofed the entire area, yet it leaks. What did they do wrong?

A: Usually a wet room fails because it was improperly constructed/waterproofed. It is a common error within the building industry.

Q: Our wet room floor is cracked, How do I fix that?

A: The origin of the crack would have to be identified first, then it can be fixed 

Q: Our wet room leaked after six months of use, refixed by the same builders. It leaked again after two years, fixed again. Now after five years it leaks again. The builders do not understand why it keeps leaking. We do not know what to do. What went wrong with this wet room?

A: It looks like the wet room was improperly done reason why it failed three times in five years. When it was repaired, the builders did not identify the wrong doings and kept on doing the same mistakes. That alone caused the wet room to fail several times. Builders often do these mistakes.

Q: Old school shower stinks and black mold around the pan. Why is that?

A: An old school shower by nature traps in the water on a daily basis as the water penetrates the grout and the shower pan mud gets soaking wet. All that water creates the moisture and later on the black mold and damp smell. The shower pan will never get dry as long as it is in use. To sort that out the shower pan will have to be removed and replaced with a new pan. We recommend a fully waterproofed shower pan also called (wet room pan). 


30 Aug 2021
Wetroom repair
Our wetroom was leaking downstairs. It was repaired twice in five years. The builders did not want to take responsability a third time. We called on Tile Marble Granite to come over to have a look at the wetroom and assess the water ingress. He came over same day, looked at the job and told us what is going on and why it leaks. We ended up hiring him straight away as he was very confident in his wetroom repair field. He removed the rotted floor, timber was replaced, installed a proper wetroom tray, waterproofed the area several times as needed and retiled. Wetroom is fixed now, 100% waterproofed. He is very knowledgeable in water damaged wetroom repairs. As he says, ''expertise is everything''. Very impresive work. Cannot recommend him well enough.


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